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Data Sources Overview

Presto uses data source connectors, which are a table-based data source model similar to what you find in relational database management systems, to convert between the native data source format to a uniform in-memory table format for the Presto query engine. The connector three-level hierarchy of catalog, schema, and table allows you to query data using SQL in terms of tables, columns, and rows whether the underlying data source is natively relational, or tabular, in nature or not.

Ahana data sources are connection definitions to your data from Presto through the Ahana product stack.

Adding an Ahana data source creates a definition of the connection between Ahana and the data source you want Ahana to connect to.

Ahana data source definitions do not move or create database objects or data, and do not require the data source to exist when the definition is created.

After adding the data source to an Ahana cluster, you can validate the data source connection definition. See Query Presto Cluster with Apache Superset or Connect via Presto CLI.

After you connect to your data source, you can create queries and view results.

For example, if you have existing Hive Metastore data, and you want to access that data through your Presto cluster, you can define the connection information in Ahana. There will be no data or database structures created by Ahana. Attach your HMS to your Ahana Presto cluster, and use Superset through Ahana to select the linked database and schema to query and view the data in your Hive Metastore.

The Ahana UI includes connectors for some of the most commonly used data sources accessed with Presto. They optimize establishing access to the data you want to analyze through Presto. You can also connect to any of the other supported Presto connectors by defining a connector configuration file.

View all data sources

The Data Sources tab of the Ahana Console displays all configured data sources.

Ahana Data Sources for Presto

Add a data source connection

To add an Ahana data source:

  1. In the Ahana SaaS Console, select Data Sources.

  2. Select Add Data Source.

    Add Data Source

  3. Select a Connector Type.

    Ahana Data Sources for Presto

  4. For the selected Connector Type follow the specific documentation.