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Ahana-managed S3 buckets


When creating a new Presto Cluster, Ahana Cloud will provision a couple of S3 buckets in your compute plane to persist some of the data necessary for its operation.

Depending on your settings, 2 types of S3 buckets can get created, a Query Log S3 bucket and a Cluster Data S3 bucket.

  • The Query Log S3 bucket stores the query log collected from the Presto Cluster
  • The Cluster Data S3 bucket persists the data generated when running queries via the Ahana Hive Metastore catalog
    • This S3 bucket only gets created if you attach the Ahana Hive Metastore during the Presto cluster creation

View the Ahana-managed S3 Buckets#

In order to see all the S3 buckets created by Ahana Cloud, navigate to the Data Sources page and scroll to the Buckets section.

Ahana-managed S3 Bucket View

There you can see:

  • the S3 bucket name
  • the Presto cluster it is attached to
  • The type of Data stored in the bucket: Query Log or Cluster Data
  • Its creation Date
  • It's Status: either Attached or Detached

To see the content of those S3 buckets, you can navigate to the S3 location in your AWS Account by clicking on the View button.

For each Presto Cluster in your compute plane, the associated S3 Buckets will be shown as Attached. However, when a Presto Cluster gets deleted and the user didn't explicitly delete the S3 buckets associated to it, then the S3 Buckets will remain with a Detached status.

Delete the Ahana-managed S3 Buckets#

Only S3 buckets that are in a Detached status can be deleted. The Attached buckets are required for the good working of the existing Presto clusters.

An S3 Buckets with a Detached status means that when a Presto Cluster got deleted, the user didn't explicitly delete the S3 buckets associated to it.

Ahana-managed S3 Bucket Delete

To delete those cluster, simply click on the Delete button and after a few seconds the S3 bucket will be deleted.