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View Presto Clusters

The Clusters Screen gives you a view into all the clusters provisioned in the Ahana Compute Plane.

Ahana SaaS Console

This screen gives you an overview of all your Presto clusters, their state, the ability to manage them and a quick access to the Presto Console for the active ones.

Active Clusters#

Clusters in the Active state are available to query and perform other cluster management operations.

Click on the Manage button to view the cluster details, the storage information, the connection details and the ability to resize, stop, restart or delete the cluster.

Cluster in active state

Pending Clusters#

Clusters in the Pending state are in a middle of a maintenance operation, usually triggered by the user.

A cluster moves into the Pending state in one of the following scenarios.

  • The cluster is being provisioned
  • The cluster is being started from an Inactive state
  • The cluster is being resized, either nodes were added or removed
  • Cluster is being restarted manually
  • Data source/s were attached and cluster is being restarted
  • Cluster is being stopped and nodes are being deprovisioned
  • Cluster is being deleted

During the Pending state, the clusters are NOT available to query, except for the worker node's resizing operation where the cluster is still available for performing queries and operations.

Cluster in pending state

Inactive Clusters#

Clusters in the Inactive state have been stopped. In this state, the Presto coordinator and the workers have been completely deprovisioned.

However, the metadata about the cluster (e.g. cluster name, number of nodes, instance types, attached data sources / catalog details, etc.) are all preserved.

In addition, the Ahana-managed Hive Metastore and the Amazon S3 bucket that are pre-attached to the cluster are also maintained.

Cluster in inactive state