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This page presents a list of terms and short definitions, arranged in alphabetic order, that are important concepts to understand when working with Ahana Cloud for Presto. Each term may link to a page explaining the concept in more detail.

  • Compute Plane - The Compute Plane is where your Ahana-managed resources, such as Presto clusters, are deployed into your AWS account.
  • Control Plane - The control plane, or the Ahana Console, is hosted by Ahana in an Ahana-owned AWS account.
  • Data Source - See Data Sources Overview. In Ahana, adding a data source creates a data source connector configuration file that can be associated with one or more Ahana-managed Presto clusters. The Ahana Console UI includes connectors for some of the most commonly used data sources accessed with Presto.
  • Data Separation - A cloud-first architecture best practice that splits the service into a Control Plane and a Compute Plane.