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Release Notes

19 July 2021#

  • Adds the ability to delete Ahana-managed S3 Buckets at Cluster Deletion
  • Adds the ability to view and manage the S3 Buckets created as part of the Presto clusters creation

12 July 2021#

  • Changes Idle Time Window for both Static and Scale out on CPU clusters to be between 10 minutes and 60 minutes
  • Integrates the Apache Ranger plugin
  • Addresses the latest Nginx Security vulnerability
  • Adds the ability to edit Data sources that are not attached to any clusters
  • Adds access to the Presto console directly from the Cluster view
  • Adds a direct Link to the IAM Role in the AWS console from the account settings page

21 June 2021#

  • Upgrades PrestoDB to version 0.249.2
  • Introduces Autoscaling for Presto clusters based on CPU utilization
  • Introduces Idle time cost saving where a Presto cluster can resize to a single worker node when no queries have been received for a user-specified amount of time
  • Adds Support for disabling parquet column index access at split processing with HUDI tables
  • Changes the navigation to Superset to go directly to the SQL Editor
  • Adds Support for EKS Fleet management in AWS Systems Manager
  • Improve Error messages on the Ahana Cloud console
  • Improves Security by rearchitecting the compute plane to deploy resources in Private subnets
  • Fixes an issue where the caching performance degrades significantly with small files

13 May 2021#

  • Simplifies the integration with a Glue Catalog by offering the ability to automatically create the necessary AWS IAM roles using a CloudFormation template
  • Changes the Superset URI scheme to the syntax presto://<username>:<password>@<host>/<catalog_name>
  • Changes the Presto credentials complexity to allow more special characters
  • Fixes an issue where a cluster uptime would reset to 0 when updating the number of worker nodes
  • Fixes an issue where the Send Logs feature wasn't working properly

26 April 2021#

  • Offers support for a public REST API to manage the Presto clusters
  • Allows Presto clusters to have up to 100 worker nodes
  • Adds support for disabling Parquet column index access at during split processing
  • Adds the ability to insert into external tables in Glue
  • Fixes an issue where the Data lake IO caching was only working for one catalog when enabled for multiple catalogs

29 March 2021#

  • Offers the ability to enable Data Lake IO caching
  • Adds additional AWS Instance types to select from
    • r5.8xlarge
    • r5.12xlarge
    • r5.16xlarge
  • Improves the Presto cluster provisioning time by 30%
  • Reduces the Compute plane creation and destruction time by half
  • Adds the ability to destroy the compute plane after the Trial period expired
  • Reduces the default AWS instance for the Ahana Hive metastore

22 February 2021#

  • Updates Presto configuration with Cost Based Optimization (CBO) and Dynamic filtering enabled
  • Simplifies the Compute plane creation by offering the ability to automatically create the necessary AWS IAM role using a CloudFormation template
  • Adds the ability for Trial customers to subscribe to the Product via the AWS Marketplace
  • Displays the compute plan version in the Account settings section to help with Support.
  • Displays the name of the S3 Bucket used by the Ahana managed Hive metastore and provide a direct link to the bucket on the AWS console
  • Fixes an issue where a CSV upload in Superset would result in an HTTP 500 error
  • Fixes an issue where Superset would show an HTTP 502 Bad Gateway error
  • Fixes an issue in the Elasticsearch connector where queries would fail if any of the table's columns are of an unsupported data type

25 January 2021#

  • Offers the ability to select a custom CIDR range when creating an Ahana Compute plane
  • Implements ASYNC query execution support to Superset which enables long running queries
  • Fixes an intermittent issue where Superset gives a Bad Gateway error
  • Display the corresponding AWS instance types per resource, i.e the Presto Coordinator, the Presto Workers and the Hive Metastore, in the Cluster details view

9 December 2020 - GA Release#

  • Offers AWS Marketplace Integration
  • Offers better logging and monitoring integration
    • Adds the ability to Query the Presto Query Log with Presto
    • Adds a button to send Logs to Ahana Support for Troubleshooting
    • Superset logs flow to AWS CloudWatch
  • Improves the security of your Presto clusters
    • Added mandatory password protection on all Presto clusters created
    • Enabled HTTPS-only access to clusters
  • Reduces the Infrastructure cost
    • The Ahana-managed Hive metastore is now optional