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AWS Resource Quotas

If necessary, request service quota increases for the following resources. You might request quota increases to avoid exceeding the default limits for any resources that are shared across multiple deployments.

The AWS Service Quotas console displays your usage and quotas for some aspects of some services. For more information, see What is Service Quotas? and AWS service quotas.

ServiceNumber of resources requiredDefaultLink to quota increase
EC2 running On-Demand Standard instances2 per Ahana Compute Plane
1 per Presto coordinator node
1 per Presto worker node
1 per Hive metastore
5EC2 instances Quotas
EC2-VPC Elastic IPs1 per VPC5EIP Quotas
Active VPC peering connections per VPC1 per peering connection50VPC Quotas
ACM certificates1 per Ahana Compute Plane2,500ACM Quotas
EKS Managed node groups per Presto cluster2 per Presto cluster30EKS Quotas
S3 Buckets1 per Ahana Compute Plane
1 per Presto cluster without attached Hive metastore
2 per Presto cluster with attached Hive metastore
100S3 Buckets Quotas