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What is Ahana Cloud for Presto?

Ahana Cloud for Presto is a fully integrated, cloud-native managed service built for AWS and the easiest way to get up and running with Presto. The Ahana SaaS Console of the managed service allows users to create and manage multiple Presto clusters. The Ahana SaaS Console runs in Ahana's AWS account. The Presto clusters as well as the other system components like the Hive Metastore orchestrated by the Ahana Console are provisioned in the user's AWS account.

Ahana Cloud for Presto - Managed Service

There are two key components: the Ahana SaaS Console and the Ahana Compute Plane.

Ahana SaaS Console

The Ahana SaaS Console enables users to create, deploy, resize, stop, restart and terminate one or more Presto clusters for end-to-end life cycle management, preserving cluster configurations and metadata information when clusters are de-provisioned.

Ahana SaaS Console

Ahana Compute Plane

Ahana SaaS Console deploys an Ahana Compute Plane during the Ahana account setup. The compute plane is provisioned in your AWS provided account using cross-account roles. Ahana SaaS console first provisions an AWS Virtual Private Cloud and AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service. Once the compute plane is deployed, users can create Presto clusters via the Ahana SaaS Console. These resources will be provisioned on the AWS EKS cluster in your account. Ahana can also provision a Hive Metastore catalog on demand with every cluster and can be pre-attached to the cluster when it becomes active. Also, Ahana provisions one instance of Apache Superset as a BI / dashboarding sandbox that you can use to query your Presto clusters. All resources like the Presto, Ahana-managed Hive Metastores, and Apache Superset run in containers on the Amazon EKS cluster in your AWS account.

Presto cluster running in Ahana Compute Plane