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Ahana Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find the version of the Ahana Compute Plane I am running on?

    1. Log in to the Ahana SaaS Console.
    2. Select the name of the account in the upper right, then select Account Settings.
    3. Find the Compute Plane Version field. The version will be a number, such as 4.0.0.
  • How do I enable the query audit log for an Ahana-managed Presto cluster?

    See Enable the Query Audit Log.

  • How do I add a data source with a FQDN that is defined in a private DNS?

    1. Follow the steps in Set up a VPC Peering Connection to:
      1. Setup VPC peering
      2. Enable DNS resolution on the peering connection for both VPCs
      3. Update route tables for bidirectional traffic in both VPCs
    2. Change the DHCP option sets of the Ahana VPC to use the private hosted zone for your DNS. See DHCP option sets in Amazon VPC.
    3. Configure the private hosted zone to add the Ahana VPC to the list of VPCs allowed to use the private hosted zone. See Associating more VPCs with a private hosted zone.
  • When I log in to Ahana I see "Your compute plane version is no longer supported." What should I do?

    Contact Ahana Support for assistance upgrading your Ahana Compute Plane.

  • How do I see how many Ahana Compute Credits I have?

    See Cost Management.