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Create an Ahana account

To create an Ahana account:

  • register for an Ahana account
  • verify your Ahana account

If you already registered for an account, verify your Ahana account.

Register for an Ahana account#

In a web browser open the Ahana Cloud for Presto page.

Select the Register tab to show Create Account.

Ahana Registration Page

Enter your information into the registration form, then select Register to send a verification email to the email address that you entered in the registration form.

Ahana Account Created

Verify your Ahana account#

In your email account, you should have a welcome email from with an activation link and temporary password.

Ahana Welcome Email

In the welcome email, select Activate your Ahana account to open the Ahana Cloud for Presto page in a web browser. Select the Sign In tab.

Ahana First Log In

Sign in using the temporary password, then change your password.

Ahana Change Password

Your Ahana SaaS Console account creation is now complete.

You can bookmark the Ahana Sign In page for future reference.