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Setting up the Ahana Compute Plane follows the Amazon Web Services (AWS) best practice of using cross-account access with trust relationships. This page presents the prerequisites required to set up cross-account access.

AWS Account

You must have an AWS Account. If you don't have one, create one on AWS. See How do I create and activate a new AWS account?


Your AWS account must be verified. When your account is fully activated, you should receive a confirmation email from AWS. This can take up to 24 hours after account creation. After you receive this email, you have full access to all AWS services.

If you didn't receive a confirmation email from AWS, check your email and spam folder.

AWS IAM Access

To set up cross-account access, you must be able to create a new AWS IAM policy and attach it to a new role. This requires your account/user to have the IAMFullAccess policy attached to it.

Access to AWS Services

Your account must have access to the following AWS services:

You can visit these services to make sure you have access to them and can provision them in your account.

AWS Resource Quotas

AWS resource quotas are the maximum number of resources that you can create in an AWS account. The quotas are used to provide available and reliable service, and protect you from unintentional spend.

For more information, see AWS Resource Quotas.