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Amazon Redshift

Ahana Cloud supports several data sources. Amazon Redshift is another popular service on AWS that that makes it easier to set up, operate, and scale a PostgreSQL database in the AWS Cloud.

This page walks you through adding an Amazon Amazon Redshift to Ahana Cloud for Presto.

Step 1: Navigate to the Add data source screen#

Start by clicking the Add a data source button on the Data sources tab.

Ahana Data Sources for Presto

Step 2: Select Amazon Redshift as the Connector Type#

Configure Amazon Redshift for Presto

Step 3: Configure the database general information#

  • Give your Amazon Redshift database a name - This will be used to derive the catalog name used for Presto. The data sources screen will show you both the name given and the catalog name used. This is done to remove all special characters that may not be Presto-friendly.
  • Give a description about Amazon Redshift being added

Configure Amazon Redshift

Step 4: Configure the database access details#

  • Provide the Thrift End Point URL to your Database endpoint
    • e.g.

To find the connection string for a cluster

Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon Redshift console

On the navigation menu, choose CLUSTERS, then choose the cluster name from the list to open its details.

The Thrift End Point URL and JDBC, ODBC URL connection strings are available, along with additional details, in the General information section. Each string is based on the AWS Region where the cluster runs. Click the icon next to the appropriate connection string to copy it.

Get the thrift endpoint Information from the Amazon Redshift Console

  • Provide the S3 Credentials to your Redshift Service
    • Provide a Role ARN that has access to the Amazon S3 access to query with Presto OR
    • Provide access key and Secrete to query with Presto

This URL needs to be accessible from the VPC where the Presto clusters are running.

Configure AWS PostgreSQL for Presto

Step 5: Add the Data source#


The Catalog Name table on the Data screen gives you the internal name used for Presto.

Ahana Data Sources for Presto